“I am innocent, I am not afraid of being arrested,” says the attorney general of Morelos

Mexico.- Uriel Carmona, the attorney general of the state of Morelos, He refused to feel fear of being apprehended and ruled out that he is going to hide from the Mexican authorities, after the Lower House of the Congress of the Union decided to reject the request for violation against him by determining that he does not have procedural immunity.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) indicates to Carmona the crime of improper exercise of public service, as well as illegal activities against the operation of the National Public Security System.

He stressed that he will continue to be in his office and that the authorities know where his home is located, together with his different means of contact, so if they require it, he will be there.

I am in my office, any judicial authority that requires me, if the Prosecutor wants me, I am there where they can find me; They have my address, they have my address, they have my email, they have my telephone number, I am not going to hide, I have nothing to hide from, “he said.

Interviewed at the Legislative Branch, the official announced that he will file a legal appeal against the Chamber of Deputies for having disobeyed the definitive suspension in his favor that prevented them from issuing a resolution on his case.

The prosecutor assured that he has not committed any crime and that the process against him is merely a political matter. In this sense, he claimed to be “Fourth Transformation believer“, since he emphasized that he does not lie, does not steal and does not betray.

“I am not an adversary of anyone (…); I am still the state prosecutor and this only implies that I temporarily cease to have the protection of the constitutional jurisdiction,” he said.

However, he stressed that what was established by the federal deputies is open to challenge, so he will have to use all the legal means of defense that are within his reach, although he emphasized that he is not afraid of being captured, since he appealed to his innocence.

If I am deprived of my liberty, it will be an arbitrary act and surely the courts will agree with me in due course, “Carmona said.

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Finally, Uriel Carmona clarified that, in 2018, upon being confirmed as head of the Attorney General of Morelos by the local Congress, he had not accredited the confidence control assessments Because this was not a specific requirement in the Constitution of the federative entity, but after that it complied with the procedure at the federal level.

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