Hurricane season

“We are like the ‘cuetero’, if it thunders, they will whistle; and if not, too”. Popular saying
What is the saying quote about? Something similar happens with the rain warnings, there are people, many, who complain when a forecast is not fulfilled, including a cyclone one.

The hurricane season in the Pacific begins on June 1 and ends on November 30, but history indicates that it is in the months of September and October when Sinaloa is most threatened, although it is worth mentioning that climate change has influenced the variables. Having made the previous reference, let’s get to the point: the claim to the weather forecasts when they are not fulfilled.

One would think that in the face of a hurricane warning, after asking to go out to sea and not wreak havoc, seeing the wish fulfilled is appreciated. Common sense indicates that that would be the answer, but since common sense is usually the least common of the senses, it turns out that there are those who, instead of thanking, complain. And we are not referring to the jokes that are usually made once the scare has passed, but to the demand for devastation. On many occasions we were witnesses of people who called or went to the newsroom to demand that the forecast be fulfilled.

With the hurricanes, Mother Nature took so much pity on us. Unlike earthquakes, which register without any warning; Hurricanes have a certain dose of goodness, because from the moment they are brewing they warn of their presence, if they are getting stronger or weaker, that “get ready, I’m going there” allows us to set up shelters, generate warnings, store water and food, secure windows, all of that. what those of us who live in hurricane areas are familiar with (that we pay attention to is separate). And at the mere hour the cyclone that, like all of its kind, has no word of honor, leaves us with everything ready.

There is contempt that is appreciated, and that is one of them, that finally a phenomenon that came with winds capable of knocking down every cable, advertisement, water tank or object found in its path, and extraordinary rains, at the last minute, have deviated its course, is to thank and make a feast for stored tuna cans; however, there is no shortage of claims such as “they never hit it”, “they always say that it is going to rain, that the cyclone is going to enter, and nothing” and add the “pure inventions”. And this becomes more curious because when there is no warning, as soon as the sky becomes cloudy, those same people start with “they said there is a cyclone there.” Human nature.

All of this comes to mind because, as we mentioned at the beginning, we are about to enter the weeks when historically hurricanes most threaten our coasts. We hope that this year it will only be scared and, if possible, not even at that.

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