Hungry crocodile ate the arm of a homeless man while washing his clothes in Villahermosa

Villahermosa, Tabasco.- A hungry crocodile I know ate the arm yet indigent while he was washing his clothes in the Las Ilusiones lagoon, located on one side of the avenue. Adolfo López Ruiz Cortines, in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

After the attack of the crocodile against the street-looking man paramedics came to the site to help him after receiving the report through the number 911.

Policemen pointed out that the indigent attacked by crocodileHe had a serious state of health at first, later it was possible to stabilize him, but he suffered serious damage to his body.

In networks a video circulates where it is shown that the indigent He walked a few streets in search of help until he reached the corner with Bonanza Boulevard, for which he received first aid from some people and from the guards of a cosmetics store.

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It is worth mentioning that where this event was recorded is one of the cases that occur in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas, something similar happened more than a month ago but in this case the victim did die, it is a woman who also looks on the street. was eaten by a crocodile.

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