How to wash hair, doctor explains the correct way

When it comes to taking a shower regularly, we don’t pay attention to habits like hair washand it is very likely that you have not asked yourself if you are doing it right, so a doctor explains the right way.

And it is that if you do not wash your hair correctly, a series of hair problems can be triggered that range from dandruff to alopecia, so today in Debate we tell you the measures to take when bathing.

Gerardo Rdz, a specialist in capillary grafting, is the doctor who, from his TikTok shares the steps that it is very likely that everyone does wrong when washing hair and hair. scalp.

Use a few drops of shampoo

It is very likely that when you wash your hair you use a lot of shampoo, your hand overflows with this product and the reality is that our scalp you don’t need so much shampoo for washing, this can congest and cover the exit of new hair.

When you use more shampoo than you should, you can also generate excess bait and over time you feel that this product It doesn’t work for you, however what happens is that you take more shampoo than necessary.

The doctor Gerardo Gen. explains that we should only take a few drops of shampoo for the entire scalp, so don’t waste more than you need and try using much less product in each of your showers.

Massage with fingertips

A step that must be present when wash the scalp is that we do a massage with the fingertips, avoid using your nails or scrubbing hard enough, the dirt will not go away no matter how hard you carve.

Even a good massage each time you take a shower can significantly reduce the stress of everyday life, so pamper yourself for a few minutes a day and enjoy while cleaning your scalp, your mental health will thank you.

Leave the shampoo for 3 to 5 minutes on your head

Another of the steps that can improve the health of your scalp is that once you have rubbed with your fingertips and the shampoo foamed, it is time to leave act for 3 to 5 minutes.

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Once that time has elapsed then it is time to rinse with waterin this step you can continue with the relaxing and gentle massage, remember to avoid using your nails and take the time to rinse well.

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