Hotel occupancy drops due to Covid-19 certificates in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- The low tourism that has been registered in the port of Mazatlán is due to the requirement of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate, said Julio Birrueta, director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies.

He ruled out that the decrease is due to the return to classes, because in 2019, the children were in school and they did not have that low percentage.


“Many people keep asking when are we going to remove the vaccination certificate. One of the reasons is that some have not been vaccinated, and those who are already do not want the hassle, and as in other tourist destinations they do not ask for it, because they go where there is less hassle, “said Birrueta.

According to the hotel businessman, since the measures were announced in late July and early August, especially that it would be essential to carry the Covid-19 vaccination card, they immediately had cancellations of all kinds, but most were of group.

The bridge

Thanks to the long weekend, the influx in hotels increased to 50 percent. They hope to go as high as 60 percent.
Julio Birrueta indicated that in the month of August a 51 percent was registered.

The tourism servers commented that the month of August was not profitable and the activity fell by up to 30 percent.

After the considerable drop, just yesterday an increase in visitors began to be noticed in the city. The most frequented places were Playa Norte and the Golden Zone.

The exhortation

The tourist leader asserted that from the beginning of the requirement, they estimated that it could affect the influx of tourism. He said that in this month of September and October it could still go lower.

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He asks the authorities to evaluate this requirement, because although they are aware of the health situation, there are losses not only in the hotel sector, but for the thousands of families that depend on this activity in Mazatlán.

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