Horticulturists in the Évora Region have good expectations for the season

Angostura, Sinaloa.- The harvest season of vegetables in the Évora Region and therefore the horticultores make it known that they have good expectations for the season, of which some are already getting ready and there is no impediment to date that makes them stop work with the due inputs for the sowing.

José Camacho, one of the producers, said that fortunately as a result of this activity, which is one of the most awaited by them, thanks to the good results they normally obtain from the different established vegetables and of which they have faith that this year it will be. Again, today will not be the exception, since it not only benefits them that they are given priority, but in the same way that it helps to generate many jobs, which they represent in the hiring of labor.

He commented that each year the vegetables that he leans are tomatoes and chili, as these crops facilitate their price and marketing, and although it is known compared to the previous year he had problems with said vegetable, he does not lose hope that the situation will improve and everything will be favorable.

The horticulturist Pedro Bojórquez mentioned that despite the low prices they always have to look forward to get better.

“I, the truth, I do have good expectations, one has to look forward, you cannot stay with the situation of the past, if the previous year did not go as well as we wanted, we do not have to think that the next ones will be the same, but what On the contrary, everything will go well with the favor of God, we hope to have good prices and we do not have losses, that does affect us a lot, the truth, but we go with everything, this year will be good, “he said.

On the other hand, he mentioned that other of his colleagues have told him after conversations that their expectations are not the same as he has, because it is not an easy task to produce them and less when the expected results are not obtained, than what they fear that low temperatures and little water will affect them.

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Faced with the same issue, the vegetable producer Martín Cervantes, who says that he has spent several years dedicating himself to growing various vegetables, coincided with the other farmers who have good expectations for the season, and from which he also prepares everything so that everything turns out favorably as each year is expected. ” The expectations for this year are good, in my case, the first thing I will work on will be the tomatillo, because just as there is sometimes good production, my family consumes it a lot, and if it is not one, it is another ” ‘he said.


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