Hit the pockets! The egg wallet rises to 83 pesos in Culiacán, Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Up to 83 pesos the egg wallet is sold in supermarkets of Culiacán, this unlike the 74 pesos in which it was sold a few weeks ago, this after a important rebound that he has seen reflected in recent days.

Currently the price of the egg bag with 30 pieces ranges from 79.90 to 83 pesos, and the 12-piece bag ranges from 46.90 to 53.50 pesos, causing annoyance among consumers.

Despite of blow that the rise in the egg generates for familiesthe price of chicken remains flat, since this protein is sold at 47.90 pesos for a whole chicken, 134 for a kilogram of boneless breast and 115 with a bone.

One of the main reasons for the rise in food costs that have been taking place during 2022 is the rise in inflation, which is higher in the municipality of Culiacán, in the case of the municipalities of Sinaloa.

César Valenzuela, an economist, said that despite the fact that inflation is currently 8.17 in the municipality of Culiacán and 7.65 in Mexico, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), inflation in food and beverages exceeds 11 percent until the last report released at the beginning of June this year.

In the case of food, explain well that the negative effect on families is to acquire less amount of product but spend the same amount of money, this because families adapt to expenses by investing the amount that was destined for the purchase of this food.

“And what happens is that if they raise the price for me, I buy the same amount of price, but it results in less quantity of product, then we go to the supermarket and if a product cost 10 pesos, and now it costs 11, We continue to buy 10 pesos but now we buy less,” he reiterated.

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Among other factors that determine the increase in food inflation is the decision to purchase products in advance, this is when an offer is presented and people with purchasing power decide to buy food that they do not require for immediate consumption, with a shortage of supply to cover the demand.

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