His attitude gave her away! Rosalía is arrested with a teddy bear stuffed with drugs in Veracruz

Veracruz.- Inside a Teddy bear, Rosalía “N”, a 20-year-old girl tried to hide doses of marijuana and glass, but she was discovered and detained by elements of the Veracruz Public Security in the municipality of Mariano Escobedo.

Her attitude gave her away. Rosalía was walking down the street that goes to Villas Pico de Orizaba, almost on the corner of Francisco Villa Street, in the Centro neighborhood in Mariano Escobedo, when, upon noticing the presence of state police, she adopted an evasive and suspicious attitude.

Given this, the police detained her and proceeded to inspect her, locating a teddy bear stuffed with drugs: 10 bags of alleged marijuana and 30 doses of alleged glass.

Rosalía “N” was arrested and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for alleged crimes against health. After the investigations, Rosalía “N” was related to people detained in recent months for crimes against health, such as Edy Germán “N” alias “El Edy”.

Another dope stuffed bear

Rosalía’s case is not the first of bears stuffed with drugs, but only in mid-August, elements of the National Guard they located a stuffed animal at the Veracruz airport, with the support of canine pairs specialized in drug detection.

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The National Guard located the drug-filled teddy bear in the parcel area, when the dogs made the positive label, locating 50 hidden glass packages.

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