Hill collapses on the Siglo XXI highway in Michoacán; blocks vehicular passage

Michoacán.- On the afternoon of Saturday, September 11, a hill near the Siglo XXI Pátzcuaro-Lázaro Cárdenas highway, in the state of Michoacán, detached itself, causing the road section to be blocked in both directions.

At the moment, the state Secretary of Public Security (SSP) announced that elements were carrying out prevention and surveillance work on the affected road while the road was released.

The dislocation that, so far has not left deaths or injuries, occurred at kilometer 70 of the Siglo XXI highway, near the Zirahúen house, a town located in the center of Michoacán.

At 5 in the afternoon with 30 minutes, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of the entity issued the first official report of the events that occurred the evening of the day before. An hour later, this state agency released a video on its social networks in which the crumbling part of the hill is seen, as well as the detached stones that impeded the passage of the vehicles that were lining up.

“Collapse of a hill which obstructs traffic lanes in both directions. Routes to the three remote booth from Zinahúen to Pátzcuaro and Uruapan,” the SCT said on its virtual platform.

For its part, National Guard The highways division also announced that it had sent elements to the area where the hill was broken up to assist in the work of the highway bypass.

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Late on Saturday night, the SCT Michoacán reported that the personnel of said agency began with the cleaning of the damaged road section. In the published photographs you can see two cargo vehicles removing the debris.

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