Hidalgo on alert! Three possible cases of cholera detected in Tula after floods

Hidalgo.- The Secretary of Health of the state of Hidalgo announced that, after the floods that occurred last week in the federative entity, three possible cholera cases on Tula de Allende.

On September 7 as a result of the rains in the Mexico City and the Mexico stateAs well as the overflow of sewage, they caused the Tula river to overflow, which caused flooding in Tula de Allende, causing an electrical failure that resulted in the death of 16 patients at the Regional Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

The state agency estimated that it is under alert to prevent an outbreak of the gastrointestinal infection that can become fatal if it is not treated in a timely manner.

The government of Hidalgo pointed out that, as the water levels fell in the course of the last days, the flooded areas were covered with rotten mud derived from the sewers of the Valley of Mexico.

After that, the State Health Secretariat deployed care brigades, in these detected three cases of diarrhea, suspected of having contracted cholera, so they are being monitored.

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Because the force of the water destroyed the Health Center and the Sanitary Jurisdiction of Tula de Allende, medical attention to the residents is being carried out in a mobile unit, which is located in the neighborhood. “The plain“, in which, in recent days, 100 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19; another of the concerns that seizes the municipality before a possible reappearance of cases.

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