Heats that are a danger

Sport has returned to activity, but one of the great barriers has been the high temperatures. Last Saturday players over 50 years “threw in the towel” after playing five innings. The heat was taking its toll on each one of them. In these days of extreme weather they must be cared for and hydrated at all times. The same thing happened in the Péimbert Camacho and Clemente Grijalva leagues, the players had to have serum and ventilation in their dugouts at all times. In Los Mochis, a couple of players were hit hard by the heat, and these situations can be more expensive than the envelope they are going to get for playing. So you have to take it into account. Next Sunday the final series of the Péimbert Camacho League moves to this city, where the so-called “baseball furnace”, such as the Alberto Vega Chávez stadium, wreaks havoc on the players. But not only the players have been hit by the strong heat, the gentlemen ampáyeres also, since for the second consecutive time the professional ampáyer Jesús “Likras” Espinoza had to leave the game for the fifth inning due to the sunstroke that afflicted him. So we must take care of ourselves, both from COVID and now from the strong heat that is stalking us all in the region.

BIG PAIN. The entire El Ébano and Angostura community are mourning the death of a great player, such as Hugo Ramírez. This character of our baseball became a baseball prospect because of his great speed that he showed in his arm, the despair and nostalgia for being far from his town and his people made him return. He did not play professionally, but he did show his great talent in important leagues in our region. Rest in peace the great Hugo Ramírez.

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