He went to the IMSS for stomach pain and now he is torn between life and death

Through Twitter the user Estela Aquinodenounced that her sister went to the emergency room at clinic number 197 of the IMSS because of intense pain in the abdomen, for which she was wrongly diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.

Despite the discomfort, they did not perform laboratory tests and the doctors Marisol Sanchez Bernabe and Jose Torres Velathey discharged her without prescribing any type of medication, arguing that they would give it to her in her family clinic.

It was there that they confirmed the diagnosis of urinary tract infection and instructed them to take diclofenac, butylhioscine and ciprofloxacin, a situation that only worsened their state of health.

Given the persistence of the discomfort, she went again to clinic 197 of the IMSS, where they detained her to tell her that she required surgery, without giving any information about the situation to her relatives.

It was not until the next day when they told him that it was an intervention of the appendix, which had burst, so the situation was delicate, they even put a catheter through which pus oozed, due to a bad operation.

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A week after this, her sister says her health has been getting worse and requires a new intervention, now to clean the residue of appendicitis, which has been denied and is currently in a delicate situation.

For this reason, Estela asks the National Medical Arbitration Commission (CONAMED) and the general director of the IMSS, Zoe Robledoaddress the situation arising from a misdiagnosis, as well as the refusal to provide the necessary medical care caused by it.

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