He prefers to “die happy” and records intimate video during the earthquake this Tuesday

While the seismic alert sounded outside her apartment last Tuesday, a woman in Mexico City instantly went viral by recording an intimate video, which she justified by saying that “if I’m going to die, I’m going to die happy.”

The recording begins with the 19-year-old woman making a series of insults while the alert is heard in the background, while she seems to be getting more and more nervous.

She alleges that she will not leave the building, like her neighbors in the housing unit, because she is on the fourth floor, which does not make it so feasible, apart from the fact that she trusts that her building is anti-seismic.

Thus, between the stress and the insults, the adult content actress Gia Kush lays down on the bed and begins to complain after an “excuse the looks”, while taking some shots of the closet in her room, where she can see how the clothes are moved.

Then, as the intensity of the earthquake increases, which had a magnitude of 7.1, the actress stops filming to show more the clothes wobbling, and begins to pray the Our Father, until everything is in total darkness.

“Fuck it, the power has gone out,” he says after going completely in the dark, shortly before cutting the video, because his building is located in one of the CDMX neighborhoods that ran out of electricity, where they were left more than 923 thousand users.

The earthquake in the Metro

After the September 7 earthquake, the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) launched an information campaign on what to do inside the network during an earthquake.

Through graphics on social networks, the agency asks the population to remain calm and avoid running, pushing or shouting in the event of an earthquake, as well as following the evacuation route indicated by STC personnel.

Likewise, if you are in the platform area, ask to retreat towards the wall and avoid exceeding the yellow safety line and, above all, not to invade the area of ​​roads or tunnels of the network.

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While, if you are inside one of the trains, you ask to stay there, since its structure provides greater security in the event of a major event, while inviting anyone who requires it to help. However, it does emphasize that lighters or matches should not be used for lighting, and it emphasizes that the stations have emergency lights.

VIDEO. This is how the strong 7.1-degree earthquake was experienced in CDMX


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