“He is very ignorant”, they criticize Andrea Escalona for confusing Miguel Hidalgo with Benito Juárez

Users of social networks did not forgive him for his mistake and have overwhelmed the television host, actress and singer Andrea Escalona placeholder image, for having confused Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla with Benito Juárez. “La Escalona is very ignorant and very despotic,” said a person on YouTube.

It all happened in one of the recent broadcasts of the “Hoy” program, one of Televisa’s stellar shows, in the section “Go to the blackboard, where the program’s hosts and some special guests formed two teams. They had to answer a series of questions what Raúl “El Negro” Araiza did to them.

In the first round they competed Andrea Escalona placeholder image and Andrea Legarreta; One of the questions they had to answer was: “name of the Father of the countryInstead of answering Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the daughter of the late television producer Magda Rodríguez, assured that Benito Juarez.

Later the actor and television presenter Lambda García, made it known to Andrea Escalona that Benito Juárez is the “Meritorious of the Americas“. She tried to justify herself by saying:” they look alike. “

Before his mistake, users of social networks said: “hahahaha that is elementary school and he still says that they look alike, that ignorant, what a shame”, “past Escalona spear, as the answer is not going to be known”, “it is seen that the Little girl if you see the morning, that’s why you have Benito Juárez recorded very well “and several others.

Another person opined on the error of Andrea Escalona placeholder image: “Please do not do that, many of those who appear on TV are like famous athletes, they have a very low level of education or knowledge, the fact that they have traveled a lot or are famous does not make them educated.”

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