He intervenes in a couple’s lawsuit and is stabbed in the back in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Mazatlan. A man who intervened in couple lawsuit it was stabbed in the backwith a razor on Tuesday afternoon, in the Arboledas Invies neighborhood. The attacker inflicted a wound of approximately four centimeters, which did not put his life at risk.

According to the report, the attacker hid in his home before preventive police from the municipality of Mazatlan.

A young woman with obvious blows to her body remained at the scene of the lawsuit.

People who were in businesses located on the edge of Jacarandas Avenue reported that the couple argued heatedly and then the subject attacked her with blows.

The aggression was observed by an adult, who without hesitation intervened to defend the young woman.

At plea, the aggressor drew a knife from among his clothes and threw himself at the civilian, who managed to dodge several of the thighs, but was still wounded in the back.

Seeing the gathering crowd, the woman’s partner fled before authority arrived.

Veteran Fire Paramedics received the report at 6:20 p.m. They examined the civilian’s wound and determined that his life was not in danger. After performing the cures, the lord withdrew. The woman remained seated on the sidewalk of a supermarket, evidently upset by the situation she experienced.

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The paramedics spoke with her and found that she received blows to different parts of her body.


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