Harmonic Bird’s Trill

The “lost confession” of one of the murderers of Los 43, revealed by my partner Alejando Domínguez, pulverizes all the hoaxes the unnecessary and sectarian truth commission and special prosecutor’s office of the case have been fabricating and leaves no room for the slightest doubt: the young They were raised in Iguala, they were murdered in the Cocula garbage dump where they burned their remains until they were charred and crushed and then thrown into the San Juan River.

Strictly speaking, it is not a confession before the authority (ministerial declaration such as those that raise suspicions of torture), but a key testimony given, on August 30, 2018, before two visitors of the Special Office of the CNDH created by its then president Luis Raúl González Pérez (disappeared by his inept successor, Rosario Piedra). Public servants with public faith (their proceedings have as much legal validity as that of notaries, for example).

Both obtained the version of Juan Miguel Pantoja Miranda, known in the Guerreros Unidos drug gang as El Pajarraco, at the Federal Center for Social Readaptation 14 in Durango.

This murderer, who managed to hide for almost four years, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and organized crime in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, by members of the Criminal Investigation Agency commanded by the unjustly persecuted Tomás Zerón de Lucio in the defunct Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.

Two weeks after his capture, on September 12 of that year, a judge granted him his freedom (“lack of elements”) by rejecting 48 statements against him. The acquittal was based on previous resolutions in which it was taken seriously that all those involved in the mass murder were presented in a forced manner; that the arrests were illegal, that they were detained for a long time before being consigned, and that they had proven “acts of coercion and mistreatment.”

The value of the testimony collected and referred to in its disdained Recommendation (Section 29 Legal Situation) by the CNDH, in addition to agreeing in its abundant details with the famous “historical truth”, is that today no one can claim any pressure to sing El Pajarraco, as can be seen from the video recording that the Center for Investigation and National Security must have taken that August 18 and that the current National Intelligence Center preserves.

Why did the PGR not take a formal statement: a) because its ministerial agents were already cited by the campaign of lies and truths about torture, or b) because the law mandates that detainees, declared or not, be put them immediately before a judge.

The MP opted for the former.

The relevance of El Pajarraco in Guerreros Unidos and the credibility of what he says is consistent with the statements of the murderers nicknamed El Pato, El Jona, El Chereje, El Duva and El Cepillo (he has now become a “protected witness”).
Prosecutor Alejandro Gertz, honor your position and proceed accordingly.

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