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VALUABLE. A good and entertaining topic this year has been the alleged overexposure and consequent overvaluation of what the Japanese Shohei Ohtani has been doing with the redundant Los Angeles Angels, so much so that for months he has been seen as an almost certain MVP of the american league. But a sudden drop in recent weeks, towards the end of the season, coupled with the consistency of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., of the Toronto Blue Jays, have caused the initial perception to gradually fade. It is understood that for reasons of convenience, several have been those who help to project the Japanese, who have reached levels of exaltation to raise eyebrows, yes, it is that it is widely seen that this is not just for sports reasons , but rather of brand positioning (MLB), of enlarging the idea of ​​“internationalization” (Manfred) and that stubborn obsession of looking for faces to the leagues, in the style of what they have done with Huitzilopochtli Mike Trout. In contrast, the very strong regional sentiment of Dominican origin supporting Guerrero, insisting on contrasting figures so that a consensus is generated in favor of the island slugger.
And so far, no way to say “no” to what the numbers say: Guerrero, with .317.45 HR and 103 produced (to which they add figures created by the superbiometric sect), while Ohtani remains with .254, 44 HR and 94 produced. And as if to avoid more false visions: the Blues are very close to qualifying for the playoffs, while the Angels, again, very, very far from smelling the scent of qualifying.

VERSIONS. It transcends that a new square move is being cooked in the LMB, something recurrent year after year and that this year entails the revival of the idea that the city chosen for the change is Mazatlán. Of the candidates to move, we should pay attention to Durango. This is not for apparently geographical reasons, but rather for that of “accounts receivable”. The handling of this matter is intended to be low-key even if the Mazatlan mayor himself releases it on the air. Chemist Benítez thus assumes that by bringing summer ball to the port it serves to give a full blow to the Toledo family, which owns the Venados franchise in LAMP, and with whom he has maintained an almost permanent spirit of confrontation. That if the Arellano brothers, the owners of the Yucarán Lions, are behind the supposed movement, then the close ties that they maintain with the Chemist are exposed, or would be revealed, which sound a lot like interests that are not very clear, by the way. . Regarding the feasibility of Mazatlan having baseball all year round, for now the doubt, the great doubt. Starting because to impose a switch in the great tradition of winter baseball does not seem, not even a bit, like a good idea.

DECLINED. The Tijuana Bulls were champions of the 2021 Mexican League and largely due to the surprising decline of the Yucarán Lions, who let go of a three-game lead in the final series. It is difficult to explain what happened to the Lions, who from one moment to another stopped playing the level of ball they had been playing, being overnight a very different squad from what it had been. Given this, the Bulls took advantage of what was put in front of them, they did not slow down and won the scepter in seven games. And from what you see, it will be a long winter in Mérida: to think about what was not done and perhaps in Mazatlán 2022.

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