Halloween in September! Neighborhood advances celebration for child with terminal cancer

Ontario, Canada.- Parents’ love for their children has no limits and they will always do everything possible to see their little ones happy, but What would you do if it was reported that your child only had a few weeks to live?

This is what they are living the parents of a 5-year-old boy diagnosed with terminal cancer who decided to bring forward the celebrations of Halloween because according to his diagnosis he will not be able to arrive until that day.

The events occurred this Wednesday, September 22, when friends and neighbors in the neighborhood of Crown Point, Ontario, decided to close the streets, convene people in costumes, botargas and give away lots of candy as part of a party for Alexandros, who experienced moments of happiness, but which for his parents were heartbreaking moments that could represent the last of their beloved son.

Little Alexandros was diagnosed with cancer brain when he was just a baby, his parents have spent four years going into debt to pay for experimental treatmentss in order to save his life.

Today we had a visit from Alex’s doctors. They will be surprised if Alex is with us next week,” the parents reported in their GoFoundMe campaign.

Tzouanakis Anderson, a family friend and campaign organizer, visited the little boy on September 11 and he mentioned that He would like to visit one of the haunted houses in Niagara Falls, however, the doctors recommended that he stay home.

The woman shared the unfavorable diagnosis and In a few days, the neighborhood came together to make this dream come true, which even included street vendors.

One of the strongest moments was when the little boy was seen hugging a Paw Patrol botarga, something that broke Tzouanakis Anderson and she couldn’t contain her tears.

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I started to cry. It was just amazing. [Alex] he was greeting each person in the crowd. She knew it was for him. … You could see the love in his eyes,” Anderson said.

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