Guillermo Ortiz Mondragón, Bishop of Cuautitlán, dies

State of Mexico.- On the afternoon of this Tuesday, the death of the Guillermo Ortiz Mondragon, Bishop of Cuautitlán, by Bishop Alfonso G. Miranda Guardiola and Secretary General of the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM).

The CEM released the sensitive news through a statement where it expressed its condolences to families, friends, and friends for the bishop of the municipality of Mexico, “with great sadness and regret we communicate that our brother, Bishop Guillermo Ortiz Mondragón, Bishop of Cuautitlán, has been called today to the House of the Father. “

“We ask Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd, to welcome him, receive him and reward him with his Kingdom, for his generous pastoral dedication for the good of the people entrusted, and to comfort all of us in this tribulation with the hope of Eternal Life,” he mentioned.

Guillermo Ortiz was named bishop by Juan Pablo II and ordained on January 24, 2000 by Norberto Rivera Carrera, who at that time was the Archbishop Primate of Mexico.

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Lugo, five years as auxiliary bishop and vicar general of the Archdiocese Primada of Mexico, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as head of the Diocese of Cuautitlán on October 19, 2005. However, Guillermo Ortiz took office on November 23 of that year.


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