Guerrero threatens triple batting crown

WITH CLOSURE OF In his dream, Vladimir Guerrero has become the most serious threat to win the triple batting crown in the Major Leagues. Flushed in the final month of the regular season, Toronto’s first baseman already caught the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani on top of home runs with 44. In passing, he ranked second in batting, with .319, one point down. of the leader Starling Mars. In the productions department, he jumped the hundred trailers with 102 and goes on the hunt for Salvador Pérez, with 104, and the leader José Abreu, of the White Sox, with 107.

SIX REMAIN series to close the regular season and much remains to be written about this 2021 story. The Dominican has been a support throughout the Blue Jays campaign, however, they are close to being eliminated. Just in his third season in the majors, the son of the eponymous legend has collected 203 trailers and 67 full-back clubs. At just 22 years old, he is experiencing the best stage of his short three-year MLB career.

MAY OAK the levels of excellence also signed by the Japanese two-way phenomenon, Shohei Ohtani. All that remains is to enjoy their brilliant seasons, where it is also necessary to place the historic performance of the Kansas City catcher, Venezuelan Salvador Pérez, with his 42 home runs and 104 freights. Miguel Cabrera has been the Latino who enjoys this privilege with Detroit.

WITH THE TRIUMPH 17 by Julio César Urías, fuels the possibility of settling in the magic figure of 20 victories. He has four or three starts to go, depending on the decision of the manager, Dave Roberts, who will have to analyze in depth how to get to the wild card game or direct playoff, where he holds a fight of colossi with the leader of the West, the San Francisco Giants . It would be great for Urías to reach the historical mark of a Sinaloan, Teodoro Higuera, with 20, and caress the all-time record of 21, shared by Fernando Valenzuela and Esteban Loaiza.

ROBERTO OSUNA He had spoken recently of leaving Charros de Jalisco and, therefore, not playing the next season of the Mexican Pacific League. He has changed his mind, he accepted yesterday for a home media that is in talks, nothing is certain, but he is studying the possibility of wearing the Guadalajara flannel, after an excellent performance in the LMB with Diablos Rojos from Mexico, which was overshadowed in the final from the south, when he fell to Lions of Yucatán, victim of the blows by Luis Felipe Juárez.

OF ARRANGEMENT with Charros, it will be another attraction for the winter fans. In addition, it will be of great benefit to pitch here, to show that you are ready to return to the majors. He says he rejected half a dozen proposals, but the idea of ​​going back to the big top remains firm.

ONLY THREE Outings held Orioles to Manny Barreda. They returned him to the minors, hoping to give him another chance when they deem it necessary. However, the satisfaction of debuting in the majors, nobody takes it away from the pitcher.

AT OUR ball, in the Japac League, MR Concretos gave the first bell by winning the first semifinal game to the favorites and current champions of Japac by 9-4. In the other semi, superleader Lecani-Duma suffered seriously to beat the wild card, Corporate Lea 3-2, after leaving a full house in the ninth inning.

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