Guasave agricultural leaders trust in achieving a better budget

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The president of the Association of Farmers of the Sinaloa Poniente River reported that on the subject of budget for him countryside In the state of Sinaloa for next year, they consider that it is too early to talk about the numbers, although they have been told that there is an increase of 7.7 percent, but they hope that with negotiation and dialogue they can achieve a further increase for that. sector.

Baltazar Aguilasocho Montoya said that the 53 billion pesos that are intended to be exercised in this activity is a very low figure, since the proposal of the National Agricultural Council is that 55 billion pesos be allocated.

He pointed out that through the Caades and the National Agricultural Council they will carry out the necessary negotiations to convince the federal deputies to restore what has been taken from them throughout these three years, especially because at the beginning of this new cycle they have already been dragging a 14 percent increase in production costs.

He insists that they are ready to defend their sector, either through dialogue, or if it is necessary to go to Mexico City, they will, since the increases that are being applied in agrochemicals, fertilizers, agricultural implements and in everything that contributes to make the lands produce.

The agricultural leader pointed out that the meeting they had during the week with the elected governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, was a very emotional meeting, in which the president of the Caades and leaders of other agricultural organizations were present. He revealed that they raised the need for him, as governor, to lead the efforts of the sector, and especially to support them with the issue of the commercialization of corn and with the ordering of the market, so that the price scheme of guarantee for small and medium producers, like the one applied in previous years.

He added that at the meeting they saw that the future state president has every good intention of helping them, because he is already anticipating the issue of commercialization.

He acknowledged that he told them that on a couple of occasions that he has raised this concern with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the answer he has given him has been not to worry, that they will help them and that he has their support.

Aguilasocho Montoya said that the future governor told them that he has been looking at the possibility of advancing the payment of coverage so that producers can hire this insurance on time that protects them from price variations in the market during harvests.

He stressed that they are seeing the federal government participate as an arbitrator in the corn commercialization process to avoid a repetition of situations such as those that occurred last season, in which some producers signed contracts with wineries that failed to comply.

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The president of the AARSP expressed that he also gave them the good news that one of his projects is to include support in the commercialization of grains in the state’s expenditure budget, which gives them a break, because it puts them in the possibility of searching joint solutions to marketing problems on a bipartite basis should they arise.


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