Guamúchil lawyers demonstrate to demand that judges abide by the law

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- “That the law and that the judges use unified criteria “, was the petition in the manifestation carried out by a group of members of the Guamúchil Enrique Pérez Arce Bar Association, before the mixed court of Salvador Alvarado, in the Administrative Unit located in this city.

The president of the College, Sergio Madrid reported that they agreed to demonstrate to demand that the judges abide by what the law provides.

“What happens is that they are empowered to use certain criteria in different matters, the detail is that they are exceeding the limits by using criteria individually outside of any context and of the law.”

Lawyers demonstrated at the Guamúchil Administrative Unit. Photo: Daniel Ayala / Debate

Sergio Madrid expressed that it is not fair that both society and lawyers suffer from the lack of legality due to the criteria they use, which must be unified and each judge uses a different criterion.

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“If here in Guamúchil we file a lawsuit, they get an agreement and we go to Angostura and they ask us for another requirement. The law is unique and must be respected as it is. Although it is true that they are empowered to use certain criteria, they must be unified at the state level. And not that each judge acts as an investigator because that is what is happening, “explained the leader of the lawyers.

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