Grupo Firme sings to public workers of the Guadalajara City Council

Guadalajara Jalisco.- The Municipal Palace of the City Hall of Guadalajara became a concert hall for one afternoon, where Grupo Firme sang a cappella some of their songs.

Summoned by Pablo Lemus Navarro, Municipal President, the band led by its vocalist Eduin Caz, appeared today at the Cabildo Hall of the Guadalajara City Council, to live closely with workers of public works and services, elements of Civil Protection and Fire and Police.

This occurs one day before the couple of concerts that the Tijuana group will offer, to be held tomorrow and the day after, at the Akron Stadium.

The joke of this is living with you like this, more closelybecause we know that tomorrow and the day after they are going to have a good time at the concerts, but there is something bigger and we won’t be able to be like now.

“This is a thank you from us to you for raffling it day after day,” said Caz after sharing with the guests anecdotes of the songs he was singing, including “Ya Supérame” and “Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo.”

Grupo Firme’s visit to the Municipal Palace was around 2:00 p.m. and lasted about 40 minutes.

At the event, chaired by the Mayor, recognition was given to Isael Gutiérrez, manager of the group, and another to the same musical organization.

Grupo Firme will arrive for the first time at Akron Stadium this weekend with their tour called Enfiestados y Amenecidos, with which they have already performed in different stadiums in the United States.

Famous for covers and duets

The regional Mexican music group was created in Tijuana in 2014 by Eduin Cázares, better known as Eduin Caz.

However, the group began to become more popular in 2018, when they began posting covers on YouTube of well-known songs such as “Tu Postura”, by Banda MS, which has 10 million views on YouTube and “Solo Un Día”, with 15 million views on the same platform, by Adán Romero.

The virality of their covers opened the doors for them with already famous artistswith whom they have done duets.

One of the most notorious collaborations is the one that Grupo Firme did with Maluma, the Colombian reggaeton player to whom they managed to put a hat with “Cada Quien”, which was released 9 months ago, and has just over 80 million views on YouTube.

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Who are the musicians of Grupo Firme?

Joaquín Ruiz (bass sixth), Jhonny Caz (second voice), Abraham Hernández (second voice), Christian Tellez

(bass), Dylan Camacho (accordion) and Fito Rubio (drums), as well as Eduin Caz

Before being called Grupo Firme, the project was called Reto Sierreño, then it changed to Aventa2 de Tijuana and later to Grupo Fuerza Oculta.

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