Green national holidays! Change your inorganic waste for plants in Iztapalapa

The Secretariat of the Environment (Sedema) of Mexico City, through the Executive Directorate of Environmental Culture (DECA), invited the citizens of the capital to take advantage of recyclable inorganic waste in these national holidays.

Therefore, he announced the installation of the Barter Market, the next Sunday September 19th, on the Macroplaza Iztapalapa.

The exchange of inorganic waste will be for plants and fruit trees produced in the nurseries of Mexico City to continue with an awareness process on the protection of biodiversity and the reduction of the effects of climate change.

In order to attend, an appointment must be scheduled at:, in order to avoid long lines and crowds. The space is limited to 500 people, approximately.

Measures to enter

People interested in attending the Barter Market may choose an available schedule and respect the following measures:

• Only one person with a companion can attend per appointment

• People will be able to choose an available time to go to the barter

• A temperature monitoring will be carried out

• To enter it is mandatory the correct use of the mask (covering mouth and nose)

• A healthy distance must be respected, of at least 1.5 meters between people

• Antibacterial gel should be used constantly

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The minimum waste per person is 1 to 5 kilograms of aluminum cans, PET, glass bottles, paper and cardboard, tetra pack, iron cans, to name a few.

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