Governors: winning by losing

President López Obrador surprised this weekend with two separate announcements in the states he visited: in Sinaloa, he announced that the PRI Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the state president, would be proposed as the next Mexican ambassador to Spain. The next day, in Nayarit, he said that the state governor, elected by the PAN, but very distant from this party practically from the beginning of his mandate, Antonio Echevarría, upon handing over the local administration, will join his cabinet.

They are two very different governors and with very different evaluations. Quirino leaves Sinaloa, culminating in a good management, tainted by two issues: everything that happened around the liberation of Ovidio Guzmán, the son of Chapo who generated the culiacanazo (although in reality the governor had little to do with it) and due to the strong intervention of criminal groups in the electoral process last June, where the state intervention could have been much greater.

Quirino, who built a strong relationship with López Obrador, lost the elections with the Morenoite Rubén Rocha, in a process questioned before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights by the PRI, the PAN and the PRD for the alleged interference of organized crime. He has been appointed to one of the most important diplomatic positions for Mexico in the world: the embassy in Madrid with the instruction to rebuild the relationship with Spain. Beyond his diplomatic inexperience, Quirino has the profile to be able to work a lot with Spanish investors. The issue of the conquest and the 500 years will have to be left aside. The truth is that I do not remember a case in which losing, won so much.

The case of Governor Echevarría is very different. His government in Nayarit was frankly bad. It is true that he inherited a state in a very serious situation, with accusations of corruption against his predecessor, Roberto Sandoval and the former prosecutor, Édgar Veytia, arrested and convicted of drug trafficking in the United States.

But the governor had a terrible government performance, insecurity in the state grew, his political dialogue has been scarce and poor. However, there was a long series of strong tourism investments on the Nayarit coast that, without a doubt, will detonate the state economy, in which federal support was decisive to improve communications with the entire region of the country in the immediate future. The proceeds of all this will not be taken by Echevarría, but by the incoming governor Miguel Ángel Navarro, who won by a wide margin. It is not seen what merits could exist for Echevarría to reach the cabinet, but this is what President López Obrador announced.

Also in these days three governors assumed that they will have different scenarios. David Monreal, the brother of the leader of the Senate and former governor, Ricardo Monreal, assumed the government of Zacatecas, the entity that experiences the greatest lack of control in security and in many other areas, in the entire country. The government of Alejandro Tello has been simply disastrous. David was greeted with at least 14 murders in just a few hours.

But the new governor’s inauguration was framed by a meeting, more than friendly, between Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, recently arrived from the high-level meeting in Washington, Ricardo Monreal, the leader of Morena, Mario Delgado and the leader of Morena in San Lázaro, Ignacio Mier. It is no secret to anyone that Marcelo and Ricardo have expressed their desire to compete for Morena’s candidacy in 2024. They also represent, although that division has many transversal lines, the so-called moderate sector of the ruling party, even in its relationship with other forces and political expressions. Marcelo and Ricardo go along separate lines, but in the end they seem to be converging.

In Sonora, the former Secretary of Security, Alfonso Durazo, a man with a long political career with all the balances, positive and negative, that this implies but always, throughout different positions, administrations and parties, had as his main objective rule your state. He succeeded after a competitive election and when Sonora suffers, above all, serious security problems, with an open fight between several cartels and a long border with the United States that makes it an attractive place for any criminal group. Her predecessor, Claudia Pavlovich, did a good job and leaves with an acceptable recognition of citizenship.

Durazo’s challenge, with all his experience, will largely pass, and will thus be measured, by the control of security in his state, remembering that he is the only member of the presidential cabinet who could compete in June for a state government.

Last week, in Chihuahua, the PAN Maru Campos, a recognized and capable woman, had taken office, who had to win the elections fighting against the intrigues and obstacles, even legal, that Javier Corral put on her, who leaves the state with one of the worst acceptance rates in the country. Corral with a long history of grudges, betrayals, pettiness, they say that he will go to another party, that he leaves the PAN, where in reality he was no longer. For now, Maru Campos, who receives a torn state, has the spirit and the will to rebuild and grow.

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