* Governors-elect * Will they be able to give Mexico the first female president?

Women have not participated in the public life of the country in much of the history of Mexico, in fact, it was not until a few decades ago that we were finally able to be recognized as citizens and little by little to occupy positions of popular election. This in turn allowed us to have 71,465 women competing in this 2021 election, two legislatures with gender parity in the Union Congress and above all, for the first time in history, six governors elected in a single election. .

These women will have the great responsibility of running a fifth of the country simultaneously, having the power to govern a State and the great opportunity to form alliances between them. Which could allow them to choose the ideal candidate to be the first female president of Mexico in history.


Today we have the block of elected governors: Evelyn Salgado Pineda, from Guerrero; Indira Vizcaíno Silva, from Colima, Layda Sansores San Román, from Campeche; Maru Campos Galván, from Chihuahua, Marina del Pilar Ávila, in Baja California, Lorena Cuellar Cisneros, from Tlaxcala. Given these conditions, in addition to the power and representation that governing a State means, it would be exceptional to generate a movement to elect a candidate in the next elections in 2024 who meets the qualities that a woman who governs a country should have.

In Mexico there are women with great potential, however, the problem lies in the structural barriers that we have had to face such as: discrimination, machismo, gender stereotypes, and the lack of conditions for us to participate in politics. Even so, and despite this, with gender parity and the leadership of the governors, we could go a long way to pave the way and continue to build a future for the girls and women of Mexico.


Today we are in the middle of the six-year term, and to achieve a candidate for the presidency we need to create an alliance bloc between the governors that works together with an innovative government that focuses on a new way of doing politics and that generates new approaches based on the great changes that are getting faster and faster. This in order to involve the population in government decisions and thus generate an agenda with true public value.

Likewise, in matters of public policy, it is necessary for the governors to reinforce their actions in the hands of civil organizations, academia and activism, since people with experience and knowledge are needed to strengthen them. In the same way, it is necessary to work on the gender perspective of its public policies, and comply with the agreement to establish a gender agenda to promote the conditions that eradicate discrimination against women.

Today the governors of Mexico have the historical power of being in charge of a fifth of the country, having the opportunity to exercise a new way of doing politics, as well as the responsibility of generating results. And if things go well, these conditions could give us the ideal candidate who aspires to win the highest position of popular election, that of President of the Republic.

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