Governors, ambassadors, athletes, writers … and Lola

By virtue of the box office that was the issue of the diplomatic lineage “chupapiedras”, we closed the week with our gaze fixed on the noble and loyal asylum city of El Rosario, mineral centenary and magical town founded in 1655, head of the municipality of Rosario, Sinaloa.

The question is: how, a city of 20 thousand inhabitants (the municipality has 50 thousand, according to Inegi) has nurtured the Mexican Foreign Service with so many relevant cadres?
It also happens with Mazatlán, whose case is different not only because of its geographical breadth, but also because of its cosmopolitan nature, as a tourist destination.

El Rosario is the native land of a wealth of members of the national diplomatic corps throughout history and to date, in the five continents of the planet; eloquent reflection of the internationalist vocation of this corner of the south of the state.

Between jokes and truths, the retired diplomat Enrique Hubbard Urrea affirms that El Rosario has an insurmountable brand: “We have more ambassadors per capita than any other city,” he explains, since there are four to date: the yesterday mentioned Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros , Francisco Apodaca y Osuna, Carlos I. González Magallón and Hubbard himself. Thus, he concludes, El Rosario has one ambassador for every 5,000 inhabitants.

Hubbard Urrea documents the phenomenon in a festive article, lavish in data, that he published on August 15, 2019 in the cultural newspaper of Sinaloa La Voz del Norte, with the title “Those chupapiedras!” He mentions some of the names of the people of Rosario who shine in the Foreign Service, beginning with the forerunner, Don Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros, at the beginning of the last century:

“Orlando Espinosa de los Monteros continued the family tradition as a cultural attaché in various nations. Rigoberto Lizárraga carried out a long administrative career that took him all over the world, from Nicaragua itself, Jamaica, Lebanon and ended his career at the consulate in Phoenix, where he met another Rosarense, my son Alan Hubbard Frías. Alan has served in Phoenix, Arizona, San Bernardino, California, Albuquerque, New Mexico; then in Toronto, Canada, in Laredo, Texas and in Washington ”. Hubbard Frías is Consul for Protection and Legal Affairs at the Consular Section of the Mexican embassy in the United States capital, Washington DC

TALENT MINE. El Rosario, in addition to being ambassadors, is the birthplace of the most emblematic governor in contemporary history in Sinaloa, Juan S. Millán; the only one who has chosen not only his successor (Jesús Aguilar Padilla), but the successor of his successor (Mario López Valdez).

From 1950 to 1953, our state had another Rosario governor: Enrique Pérez Arce, a prominent jurist and one of the great poets of Sinaloa. Other men of letters born in Rosario are Pablo de Villavicencio and Gilberto Owen, who also held, for a change, numerous diplomatic positions.

Rosario has produced athletes such as Irma Urrea Murray, the only Mexican world bowling champion, and Horacio Llamas, the first Mexican basketball player in the NBA. Also, medical eminences such as Dr. Guillermo Gosset Osuna, who from the WHO eradicated smallpox in Pakistan and Somalia.

In these national days, the voice and the memory of the immortal queen of Mexican song Lola Beltrán, who took our music to the greatest stages of Europe, shakes. Today, Lola la Grande sleeps the eternal dream in the municipal cemetery, as she arranged it, while in the main square of the magical town her effigy, surrounded by weeping willows, offers an infinite song to the Virgin, in front of the parish of Nuestra Lady of the Rosary.

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