Good news! More than a thousand ships in Mexico install excluders for turtles

Mexico.- Until yesterday, more than a thousand boats that make up the country’s fishing fleet have complied with the regulations established by the governments of Mexico and the United States in the correct use of the sea ​​turtle excluders, recognized Jesús Omar Lizárraga Manjarrez, president of the Union of Shipowners of the Pacific Coast.

He said that the inspections of the devices carried by the boats that will participate in the shrimp harvest on September 21, are carried out by personnel of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection and the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries.

The fishing leader assured that the personnel of the vessels carried out the corresponding training on the use of turtle excluders.

“Until now, the fishing fleet has complied with everything established by committing itself to the Mexican and American governments, so the previous inspection continues to be carried out.”

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He mentioned that the actions carried out by the country’s fishing fleet are aimed at returning the certification to be able to export shrimp to the United States. Lizárraga Manjarrez assured that they trust that the endorsement will be granted, because the fishing sector is one of the most orderly.

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