Gloria Trevi excites her 21 years singing Cruz de navajas in a quinceañera, before being famous

Mexico. A Gloria Trevi who barely became known as a singer in his native Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, to his 21 years old, can be seen in a video circulating on YouTube.

The images excite his millions of followers on social networks, since Gloria I was very young she looks with long hair and sings live Razor cross, Mecano’s success at that time.

The Fountain makes its performance on stage accompanied by a live orchestra, while the guests at the quinceañera party are attentive to her singing.

Some people lift their napkins and chorus Gloria when she sings the aforementioned song popularized by Mecano towards the end of the eighties.

The video corresponds, according to the description in it, to the year 1989, just when he made his debut as a singer in the program Always on Sunday, which was hosted by the late Raúl Velasco.

Gloria’s dream of being a famous singer would have started in 1985, when moved to Mexico City, meet Sergio Andrade, her ex-manager and ex-partner, and throws her with the group Painted mouths.

But as of 1989 Trevi achieves national recognition after publicizing his song Doctor Psychiatrist, included in his first record production. What do I do here?, which Andrade produced and of which he achieved other successes such as What am I going to do without him? and tomorrow.

This is how Gloria Trevi looked at 21, in 1989, just before her release as a singer in Siempre en domingo. Photo Capture from YouTube

Gloria Trevi quickly achieved success as a singer and in the 90s she made her film debut and starred in the films Loose Hair (1991), Old Shoes (1993) and A Potato Without Ketchup (1995).

It also became a great record seller with his following productions of which they were success those that gave title to the names of the mentioned films.

Gloria was involved in a scandal with Sergio Andrade, since they were accused of corruption of minors, and the Rio de Janeiro police arrested them in January 2000.

In 2004 she was acquitted of the crime by the Mexican justice and released due to lack of evidence, while he was sentenced to several years in prison after being found guilty, and today he is free.

After being released, Gloria resumed her career successfully and again achieved success as a singer, in addition has stood out as a composer and many of the songs he has recorded he has turned into hits.

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Although a film has already been made about her life, written by Sabina Berman under the title Gloria, shown during 2014, the producer Carla Estrada is now working on the production of her bioseries, which will soon be seen on Televisa.

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