Gleyber is no longer SS of the Yankees

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** The Cubs’ top prospect, 21-year-old outfielder Brennen Davis, was raised from Double to Triple A the day before yesterday. In his first game with the Iowa Cubs, he hit a two-run home run in a win over Omaha. ** Speaking of prospects, the Astros have the best catcher in the minors, Azúa’s Dominican Yainer Diaz, 22. He plays for the Asheville, Class A-High, and is hitting for 385, 10 homers and 27 RBIs in 21 games.

** Yesterday, Friday, they presented Alfredo Pedrique at the Fuenmayor University Bootcam, and on Monday we will be able to see and hear Álvaro Espinoza. Always at six in the afternoon. Here they inform you how to link: @fuenmayoruniversity

** SABR, Society for American Baseball Reseach, turns 50. I remember when we founded it, in 1971, in Cooperstown, and the annuity we paid was 10 dollars, now it is 65. But it receives much more than 100 dollars in printing, services and satisfactions …


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** Gleyber Torres (Yankees) from Caracas understands why he lost the shortsop position, turned second baseman. He said from Baltimore, where they played yesterday afternoon: “I didn’t do a good job. I made too many mistakes (18). I feel very good in second grade ”. And manager Aaron Boone explained: “At 24 years old, I believe that the best of Gleyber’s career is yet to come. Changing his position was the best thing for the team ”… ** The Yankees, at 82-64, are in contention for second place in the East with the Blue Jays (82-64) and Red Sox (83-65). Starting tomorrow, when they host the Indians, they have 15 games to finish the season… ** Father and son, the Griffeys, the Guerrero, the Bichette, and let’s get ready for the Sabathia, because, Carsten, 17 years old and son of CC, will be signed in the draft next June. But he’s not a left-handed pitcher, like Dad, but a left-handed but a tremendous hitter. They say he can play any of the seven positions after the pitcher… ** Mike Trout (Angels), with a right calf injury since May 17, will no longer play this year. It was announced by manager Joe Maddon. Trout was hitting 333, eight homers and 18 RBIs, in 36 games.

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