Games to forget in MX

I do not know where Manuel Arias, president of the Panama Soccer Federation, got that at the national team level, Mexico is in the world top 10 and we do not know what analysts are based on to affirm that Liga MX is one of the best from the American continent, much less we understand it, after watching some games on matchday eight that were very bad.

Look at you, one of the matches that took the palms for its low quality and which they already qualify as the worst of this season, is the one that the Chivas and Pumas starred in, which ended with a tie.

It is not possible that two of the so-called large teams of the Mexican first division offer such poor shows on the field and that is why the low positions they have in the general classification are fully understood.

Undoubtedly, the worst problem facing both teams is their lack of offensive forcefulness and if there is no goal in a professional club, it is very difficult to win.

In the case of Chivas, their coach, Víctor Manuel Vucetich, continues to insist on keeping the young Jesús Godínez and Carlos Cisneros in the attack, and keeps the experienced Oribe Peralta, a benchmark of Mexican football, in total oblivion. It is something that nobody understands.

On the side of the Pumas there is something similar, because after the board sold key players, their attacker Juan Ignacio Dinneno could not be the same scorer who allowed Pumas to play the final two tournaments ago and also not was present before the chiverío.

The other duel that was not at all attractive, but that was saved from total burning by having goals is the one between America and Mazatlán, whose victory corresponded to the creams with a score of 2 for 0. Believe it or not, but the Porteños in the 90 minutes of play did not send a single shot on goal to the door guarded by Guillermo Ochoa. The defensive system of the Gunslingers that worked so well for Spanish coach Beñat San José in the first rounds, is already out of date and it is urgent that he change that style of play, because if he does not do so, he will continue in a frank pique.

From America we already know that it is a team that does not play spectacular or great, but it is very effective and many teams of the highest category would like to have the large number of points from Santiago Solari’s pupils in just eight dates. The Argentine helmsman is questioned a lot by soccer specialists because of the way he plays, but we believe that the happiest at this time due to the impeccable season they have been in are his thousands of fans.

BAD TOUCH. One of the players who practices the penalty kicks the most after finishing his official matches in the 60-year-old and older tournament at the Careada on Thursdays is the enthusiastic forward Félix Reyes, and curiously he executes them with his right leg as marunga, and they are plus the shots he scores to those he misses. But curiously, when he had to define in official matches as happened last Saturday in the field five of Sagarpa, things were totally different. Indeed, because it turns out that Professor Reyes ‘team tied two with Alonso Macías’ and the extra point had to be defined in penalty kicks. The series was extended to many shots and Reyes Medina had to send two and missed them, but what we realize is that he sent both shots with the inside of the foot and not with the outside as he does in rehearsals. The good news was that Reyes was saved from the whistle by winning the extra point. And as the song says, better times will always come.

REFLECTION: If you cannot tell the truth with your mouth, give it the necessary interpretation with your own eyes.

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