From tomorrow the price of LP gas will have its largest increase since August 8 in CDMX

After this week’s marginal decrease, starting tomorrow the price of gas LP will increase in 59 cents per kilo and 32 cents per liter, according to the table of ceilings of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) for the week of September 12-18.

Thus, the next seven days the kilogram of hydrocarbon, in portable cylinders, will remain in 22.81 pesos, while the liter, for stationary tanks, will be 12.32 pesos in Mexico City.

So now the 20 kg tank will have a cap cost of 456.20 pesos and of 684.30 pesos per 30 kg portable cylinder.

While these new prices are the most pronounced rise since August 1, when the control measure came into force, followed by the rise in 45 and 24 cents from the week of August 8 to 14, the second with the price control measure.

On the other hand, in the case of the State of Mexico, the average maximum price of LP gas will be 23.28 pesos the kilo and of 12.57 pesos per liter, however, its ceiling will vary according to the Mexican region in question.

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On the other hand, after 11 days formal operations, workers from the Wellness Gas protested this Friday in front of the Supply and Distribution terminal in the mayor’s office Iztacalco, where they argued that the company managed by Pemex has not paid them as promised.

In this sense, they assured that when they were hired they were promised a base salary of 6 thousand pesos more commissions, which would reach the 8 thousand pesos monthly, but so far they have received around 4 thousand pesos.

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In this regard, the company denied that it was paying less than promised, and assured that in addition to covering the benefits of the law, they even earn more than in other companies, for which it argued that it was all a boycott against Gas Bienestar, at the same time that he said not to force anyone to work there.

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