From the governorship in Sinaloa, to the embassy in Spain

Last week, President Obrador announced during his visit to Sinaloa that he will invite outgoing Governor Quirino Ordaz to his cabinet as Mexico’s ambassador to Spain. This designation must be ratified by the Senate, as ordered by our Constitution for diplomatic appointments of ambassadors and consuls general in article 76, section II. But what political implications does this designation carry?

On Monday, January 25, 2016, in his speech from the Paseo Olas Altas, in Mazatlán, the then leader of Morena, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, described the newly appointed PRI candidate for governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, as “ a corrupt man, who was the finance secretary of one of the governors and now wants to continue stealing just like Malova ”. It is curious, now malovistas and quirinistas are distinguished members of the 4T, the malovista as mayor in Ahome and the governor appointed by President Obrador as ambassador.

It is the mark of the house of the “old politics”, in the campaign they say that they are opposition and they accuse themselves of being corrupt, but already in office the sad reality emerges; the PRI and the PAN are not Morena’s opposition, they are accomplices of the same corruption and perversity. Proof of this is that the president has already announced that he will also invite the PAN governor in Nayarit to his cabinet. Or, the initiatives that the PRI and the PAN approved of Morena as the National Guard that they voted in favor and that the eight senators of the Citizen Movement voted against.

The complicity between the two leaders came to light from the beginning since both coincided in the functions of president and governor, respectively. Sinaloa lost more than 5 billion pesos from its budget in the last three years and the governor never made any claim to Morena’s federal deputies; And let’s remember that Q4 won all seven federal districts in Sinaloa in 2018 and in 2021. Quirino fulfilled the agreement by being submissive to the president and even appointing the weakest candidate of the PRI, Zamora, who had just lost the mayor’s office in Ahome and the Senate. by majority.

It was a three-cushion move for Quirino, it was good with the president by naming the weakest candidate and he protects himself with the PRI, PAN and PRD bench in the Senate, since this candidacy was requested by Osorio Chong. And on the other hand, Morena’s candidate is Senator Rubén Rocha, former chief of advisers to Quirino Ordaz himself from 2016 to 2018. The PAN surrendered to the PRI; the PRI and the governor handed over the plaza to Morena, and now President Obrador is handing over the embassy to Quirino.

We will see the same thing in the ratification in the Senate of his appointment as ambassador. In the media, the national president of the PRI threatens to expel Quirino from the party if he accepts the embassy, ​​but in reality the PRI and PAN senators will end up voting in favor of his appointment. It is even the least of it, since its ratification is by a simple majority (65 of 128 legislators) of the senators present in the plenary session (art. 243); and the parliamentary bloc of the 4T has 78 seats. So Quirino wins his embassy and his shield, since neither the FIU nor the FGR are going to persecute Quirino, whose public accounts will be approved by a Congress with an absolute Morenoist majority in Sinaloa. And President Obrador also wins, removing from the presidential race a former governor with a lot of money “well qualified” in the polls, who could tour Mexico for two years and then seek the presidential candidacy. But nothing is written, since in 2024 there will continue to be flights from Madrid to Mexico and the allies could once again be adversaries; even if only in campaign. So, don’t be fooled and if you really want a total change, reflect on the perverse complicity between Morena, the PRI and the PAN before voting again.

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