From 38 to 15 beds! They divert the Covid-19 area of ​​the General Hospital of Escuinapa

Sinaloa.- The Covid-19 area of the Escuinapa General Hospital has been converted, reducing the number of Beds for the care of active patients with this disease, since in recent weeks infections in the municipality of Escuinapa, Sinaloa, have been reduced, currently keeping only one person hospitalized.

Francisco Javier Prado Yuriar, director of the general hospital, reported with great enthusiasm the good news that infections in the municipality are decreasing and this has been reflected in the reduction in the care of Covid-19 patients in this hospital.

“Fortunately, we have done very well in reducing Covid-19 infections, we only have one hospitalized patient is close to discharge and we would be with zero cases,” said the doctor specializing in anesthesiology.

He commented that Covid-19 tests are being carried out every day and fortunately they have come out negative, only last week a positive one came out but he was stable, he went home with his treatment, but nothing serious.

“Fortunately, the cases have dropped, even we have already converted the Escuinapa general hospital from having 38 beds for the Covid-19 area, we lowered them to 15 and right now we only have one positive patient who is about to be discharged in the next few hours, hoping that no more will arrive. But if new robbers appear, of course they will be attended to, ”he reported.

Prado Yuriar said that it is important to keep active the preventive measures that are the mandatory use of the mask if you go out on the street, frequent hand washing and mainly avoid crowds completely and apply a healthy distance in public spaces.

“Telling people that it is important not to trust themselves, so that the same thing that happened to us in this third wave of infections does not happen, which was more aggressive, much more contagious and with a greater number of deaths,” he emphasized.

He commented that in order to reduce infections in the municipality, the restriction measures applied by the authority were very important and that the population in general applied prevention measures in their daily lives, given the critical situation that was experienced during the third wave of contagions.

“This third wave of infections was fatal and it was the worst of all. And at the Escuinapa general hospital we are prepared to face any eventuality that may arise in the coming months, I believe that not one more will come, but several more waves of contagion if we loosen up, if we relax, that’s why we have to take care of yourself, “he said.

He added that with the complete vaccination schemes, the care for the population will be easier, but those who must take even more measures to avoid contagion are people who have problems with chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

The director of the general hospital of Escuinapa recommended that the population heed the call to be vaccinated to have their complete schedules.

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He concluded by saying that it is important that people who were sick with Covid-19 and could not be vaccinated, can do so after fifteen days of having come out of the disease.

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