Free Artificial Intelligence Forum in Guadalajara, Jalisco; speakers from Google and Montreal

Guadalajara Jalisco. – With the aim that Guadalajara, Jalisco, becomes an international pole of innovation and research in artificial intelligence, the InventIA Forum 2021, which will feature workshops, talks through technology and the presence of Google members.

It was through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), as the government of Jalisco joined forces with business professionals and experts, civil society and entrepreneurs to create FAIR LAKE, an ecosystem that seeks the integration of Artificial Intelligence to the entity.

The forum to be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th September, will be attended by Pablo Pérez Villanueva, an engineer from the Google Corporation, as well as lectures by researchers from the University of Montreal and the IDB.

FAIr LAC is an initiative with an international presence, which seeks to promote the responsible and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence, as well as promote its development in the Latin American and Caribbean region and that currently works in Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Chile.

His work seeks to implement technological solutions through artificial intelligence techniques, as well as the creation of public policies for the use of technology and the strengthening of an environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.

The objective is to turn Jalisco into a pole of research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Artificial Intelligence recognized globally, through activities such as:

  • ● The Artificial Intelligence Startup Acceleration Program (PASIA).
  • ● IA Talks.
  • ● Responsible Artificial Intelligence and Venture integration workshops
  • Capital.
  • ● Hackatones.
  • Pablo Pérez Villanueva, Customer Engineer at Google; Salma jalife

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Interested parties may register for free at:

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