Francisco de Iriarte

On March 13, 1831, the First Constituent Congress of the State of Sinaloa was installed in Culiacán. On that day, Congress appointed Francisco de Iriarte as the first governor, but since he was not located, nor was the lieutenant governor, Agustín Martínez de Castro was appointed interim governor.

On May 26, Iriarte requests a six-month permit to leave the state and travel to Mexico City. He will no longer return to the entity that saw him born. He will die in the capital of the country on September 17, 1832. Born in Cósala, in the home of a well-off family, however we do not know his childhood and youth.

Antonio Nakayama expresses that it is possible he studied in Guadalajara or Mexico City, but without having obtained any degree. Dedicated to mining, he increased his fortune. He is the introducer of the first printing press and sponsored the publication of the first newspaper, in Cosala, El Espectador Imparcial. He was the owner of the Guadalupe de los Reyes mine, discovered on December 12, 1800 by some gambusinos. “Iriarte – writes Don Antonio Nakayama – is one of the great Sinaloan figures.

It is due to his courage, tenacity and determination that his homeland has become one of the states of the Mexican Federation. It had flaws but its virtues were greater. He is the Father of the State of Sinaloa ”.

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