Forget the Zócalo, it will be closed until September 27, Sheinbaum announced

After the 10 days that it was open to free movement, the capital’s Zócalo will remain closed for the remainder of September, according to the head of government. Claudia Sheinbaum.

During her virtual press conference, the head of the CDMX stressed that, in addition to the Scream and the civic military parade for the Independence of Mexico, of the September 15 to 27 there will be various foreign official visits, so for security reasons the plaza must be kept closed.

“We apologize to the merchants and businessmen of the Historic Center. We know that it is a difficult situation, but at this time, from September 15 to 27 more or less, there will be the visit of many presidents, representatives of various states, nations, in our country, for the meeting of CELAC. So, this makes it necessary, because some security in this area ”, highlighted Sheinbaum Pardo.

It also highlighted that, despite the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which will take place in CDMX on September 18, with presidents of 17 countriesThey are already analyzing opening some avenues so that people can enter and make their purchases.

This, in order not to affect the merchants of the first square of the city, after the capital government had agreed to reopen the base plate and freeing up access so that people can freely enter the shops located in the Historic Center.

While he called on the population to avoid going to closed places, because that is where the risk of contagion increases. Covid-19, “And that all the precautions that citizens already know be taken, since we have already been a little more than 18 months in pandemic. We are trusting the population ”.

The National Holidays in the Zócalo

On the other hand, from 17:00 hours of this wednesday September 15, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) will display 2 thousand 355 policemen for the protection of the capital’s Zócalo area on the occasion of the Cry of Independence.

Similarly, for the parade at the beginning of the War of Independence, on Thursday, September 16, the SSC will protect the area with 3 thousand 500 elements, while the head of government said she still does not know how the celebration will take place, as it is something organized by the federal government.

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In addition, the Metro will suspend service at the stations Allende and Fine Arts, of Line 2 and 8, from Wednesday at 19:00 hours and until further notice, due to the festivities and the parade, joining the Metro Zócalo in the closings.


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