For little sale, tianguistas de la Flores Magón, in Mazatlán, ask to be allowed to work one more day

Sinaloa.- The sellers of the tianquis de la Flores Magón, went to the Mazatlán City Council to speak with municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and reiterate the request that let them work one more day because the few sales that shows.

Blanca Lazcano, leader of the vendors, stressed that since the Covid-19 pandemic, her situation has been difficult.

At first they were not allowed to work and they understood it, but when the economy reactivated, they were only allowed to settle in Flores Magón on Sundays. They have three days on their permit, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Two weeks ago they went to the president and asked him to allow them to work one more day. They were told that they were going to analyze it and would notify them.

But when there was no answer, yesterday a group went to look for the “Chemist” to give them an answer to their request.

He added that there are 250 tianguistas who want more work, it does not matter if it is Tuesday or Thursday, so that they can be authorized to settle in the Plazuela de la Magón. There is little sale and sellers require more income.

The highest percentage of the tianquistas are women heads of families and right now with the return to school they need more resources to cover the enrollment of their children, books, clothes and footwear. Likewise, food, for which “very little is enough for beans and rice.”

The leader of the tianguistas indicated that they will insist until the mayor attends them and listens to their demands, so that the contract that allows them to work more days in the tianquis is enforced.

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Lazcano explained that they trust that if they allow them one more day to work, their income will improve to meet the expenses faced by all families in the municipality of Mazatlán.

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