For alleged threats to youtuber from AMLO’s “morning”, judge links reporter to process

Mexico.- A federal judge decided to link the process to Daniel Blancas Madrigal, newspaper reporter “The chronic“, for the alleged crime of threatening the youtuber Hans Salazar, who attends the morning lectures at the National Palace of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The accused today declared The universal that the sentence issued by the member of the Judiciary against him, last Saturday, September 11, is due to the critical work he does towards the federal government. Blancas Madrigal accused that the current administration turned youtubers into “reporters” so that they can ask questions in a way.

Despite being linked to the process, the “La Crónica” journalist assured that he will continue to do his investigative work. Furthermore, although he held that there is “slogan“, he maintained that he will use the legal means to confront the crime of which he is pointed out.

The communicator stated that although in March 2020 He had starred in a brief altercation with Hans Salazar, in the heat of what was happening in the conference of the head of the Federal Executive Power, he asserted that he never attacked him.

However, the judge judicialized the case with videos that, according to Daniel Blancas, are edited. In addition to this, the jurist would have used testimonies “orchestrated” by four people: Salazar; Sandra Aguilera, Carlos Pozos and Paul Velázquez.

He considered that, through his chronicles, he has managed to describe all those reporters created by the López Obrador government, who have lent themselves to attend his morning public events to put on a show.

Blancas stated that the judge imposed on him, as a precautionary measure, not to approach the four people previously mentioned at least two meters awayHowever, he is not unable to continue going to the “morning”.

For his part, he recalled that when the small conflict between him and Hans Salazar occurred, the Presidency of the Republic did not sanction, punish or even call his attention, since those attending the event know that there are regulations that they must follow. and he did not violate her.

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Finally, Daniel Blancas Madrigal announced that he will seek legal help through a group of lawyers, including the Academy of Criminal Law of the AC Bar Association, since, he maintained, any reporter could go through the same situation any of these days.

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