Follow the rain of goals in women’s

True, the Women’s MX Professional League still does not reach the plus that the men’s branch has, but curiously where the most explosive encounters occur is with the ladies, who give themselves with their hearts on the court.

One of the clashes that filled us with pleasure on the ninth day was the one between Santos Laguna and Guadalajara, which favored the Guerreras with a score of 5 goals against 4. However, these two squads occurred and the victory had a more special tenor for the Santistas, since they took the undefeated from the sacred flock. In addition to the sheer number of goals scored, several from both sides resulted from great craftsmanship and left fans with a great taste for their vibrant performance.

The truth is, we would like to see in the men’s Liga MX this type of matches that girls usually offer on the field and that, unfortunately, still cannot have the same number of fans that men have.

By the way, Tigres, the multi-champion, is the one that continues to dominate this season. It is devastating the step of the felines that already add nine wins in a row, have scored more than 30 cucumbers and have only received 3. What’s more, this team has the luxury of having more goals than all those who play in the men’s and almost with the same number of matches played.

Of the sad thing that we can cite and it hurts us more as Sinaloans, is that the cold basement belongs to the Gunships of Mazatlán, with only one draw and eight setbacks, and if the manly man does not hurry him out of his bad streak, it is very likely to hit the porteñas at the bottom.

CHAMPIONS. The European Champions League, the most important club tournament, started yesterday. Among that marathon of matches, one of the most striking was that of Bayern Germany and Barcelona. The Teutons once again got the best part after beating the Spaniards with a 2-0 scoreboard. In the previous edition, the multi-time Bundesliga champion destroyed the Blaugranas in the quarterfinal phase with a 5-0 score. It was expected that Barcelona, ​​without its star Lionel Messi, but with new players, could take a sweet revenge, but Bayern showed that they can once again be the protagonist of the Champions League. On the other hand, for Barcelona, ​​its future in this great event is not at all clear due to the series of sporting and financial problems it faces.

PROGRESS: The municipal Ultra Plus tournament, which brings together players 68 and older, met again last Monday. One of their first agreements was that on Saturday of the following week all the players will be summoned to a massive concentration. The intention of this call is that the first teams that appear on the field play a kind of shell and thus be able to reactivate this old circuit that has been braked for more than a year and a half. We think the measurement of the most mothball players in Culiacán is very accurate.

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