Finally! Sinaloa municipality comes out of the drought it suffered

Sinaloa.- The manager of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Sinaloa (God) announced that for about a month they no longer support any community with water in pipes, this because with the rains that they have counted, the wells and the water tables have been replaced, thus combating the drought.

Guadalupe Castro Quiñónez commented that each community can already be supplied with the vital liquid from its own wells, since the rains were beneficial.

He pointed out that this year it has rained well, since the waterwheels are in good condition, the water tables have recovered and the wells finally already have water.

He also stressed that the change is felt, because they already have approximately 750 millimeters of water that the rainfall has brought them, which is good, although it still needs to be, because they must have at least 1,200 millimeters to be able to consider that it was a pretty good rainy season.

He added that there are still 32 days left in the season, so the hope that it will rain still continues.

It is expected to reach 1,200 millimeters by October 10, he stressed, so they are confident they can reach the goal or exceed it.

“Only God knows if it will continue to rain after October 10, although it would not be bad for us,” said the official.

Regarding the problem of the drought of the year that they suffered due to lack of rain, they found it necessary to sustain communities with water in pipes, because the wells, the water tables, the waterwheels, the river and streams, were dry for full, and the Bacurato dam was at a very low level of its full capacity, something that had not happened for several years.

The manager of Jumapas commented that about a month ago they no longer see the need to support those mountain villages with water in pipes, thanks to the fact that the rains solved everything.

Castro Quiñónez stated that they are drilling five wells in different communities, which will benefit them, this because they will be able to self-sustain with them.

He also commented that three of the five are already advanced, which is going quite fast since they started the work about two months ago.

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“We have advanced three of the five wells, and one goes to Naranjo Station, which will give it water, another to one side of Bacubirito and others higher up, already in the mountainous area, which do not belong to drinking water, they are wells that are they make, equip themselves and give them to the people ”, highlighted the head of the paramunicipal.

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