Fights due to faults in public lighting

The residents of the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood, in Culiacán, who said they had quarrels in the public lighting service for months, called on the manager of Public Works and Services, Manuel Ochoa Salazar, for a solution. immediate since for several months they have been living a complicated situation due to the lack of lighting in the streets. Those affected indicated that they fear leaving their homes at dusk for fear of being a victim of the insecurity that exists in the sector. If you are part of the inhabitants who experience this problem and want to report it, call fon (667) 785 0101.

> Gas masks urgently
Anti-gas masks are being sought for the breed of the La Reforma port, in the municipality of Angostura, to see if in this way they stop perceiving the bad smells that come out of the sewage spill that leaves them neither in the sun nor in the shade, a problem with The one that they have been battling for a long time and it is time that they did not solve anything, so they have to continue to endure the pestilence in their homes. If you know where to get the masks, call the Jumapaang manager, Rogelio Camargo, at 697 734 04 22.

> A market without garbage
Do you urgently need a job and have nothing to do during the afternoon-night? The Directorate of Public Services in Guasave has the perfect job for you, you only have to take charge of removing the garbage that is generated daily in the Municipal Market, because apparently the workers cannot cope and due to the failures, the pig that arrives to get together is enough. If you are interested, contact Antonio Hernández, chaca of the address, at 687 8722452, who will take care of the hiring and provide you with the necessary tools for the job.

> Attention engineers and architects!
The Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Escuinapa is looking for a good engineer or architect to help them create the plans for the construction of new subdivisions, for that reason of the connection of the drainage or arrangements of the old drains, well They want to experience another embarrassment like the one they are experiencing now, since residents of the Juvencio Aragón neighborhood complain that not long ago the drainage in the area was inaugurated and it already has sewage leaks that do not let them breathe at ease due to the plague so unbearable. Interested in the jale, please contact the manager of the Jumapae, Geovanni Saracco Martínez at the telephone number 695 95 311 990.

> Fumigator cup
The Ahome Municipal Health Directorate is urgently looking for spray trucks to give the Las Mañanitas subdivision a good spray. Neighbors say that mosquito infestations are already unbearable and they fear getting sick from dengue. In their desperation, the inhabitants burn garbage and branches in order to scare them away. If you have a truck for this pull, make a call to Dr. Francisco Espinoza at 6688183675, so they can start and process it as soon as possible, this is urgent.

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