Feminists demand justice for Susana, the young woman who died in a landslide in a shoe store in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- After the vigil that women belonging to feminist collectives of Culiacán they made outside the City Hall in which they placed a pink cross and candles for the women victims of femicide in Sinaloa, they came to demand justice for Susana to the place that used to be his work area, and in which he lost his life after the roof of the site was collapse.

After the women put the candles, Priscila Salas, leader of the collective Don’t mess with our daughters, expressed:

“Today this place becomes a tomb for a woman who was a victim of state violence, institutional violence of a series of omissions that accumulate until one of us dies or is assassinated.”

Pink cross and candles by Susana | Photo: Cristina Félix / Debate

The protesters gave a minute of silence in front of the place where 29-year-old Susana lost her life.

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The activist also pointed out that justice is also demanded for the more than 800 victims of feminicide in the country, and for all those women, whose names are not known, she concluded with the following: “justice for those who are no longer there and justice for us too. “

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