Feminism, environmentalism and animal protection were created by neoliberals to hide looting: AMLO

Mexico.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) accused that the feminism, environmentalism, the defense of human rights and the protection of animals were created by the neoliberal regime to divert attention from looting and socioeconomic inequality.

In the morning of this Friday from Campeche, AMLO attacked the so-called “new rights“, such as feminism and the defense of the environment, after being questioned by environmental groups about the environmental impact of the Mayan Train.

It was then that the president assured that neoliberalism promoted an entire agenda in favor of women’s rights, the environment and the protection of animals, which without ceasing to be “very noble” causes had the true objective of diverting attention.

“One of the things they promoted in the world – neoliberalism- to be able to loot at ease, was to create or promote the so-called ‘new rights’, then feminism, environmentalism, the defense of human rights, the protection of animals were greatly encouraged“, acusó AMLO.

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According to López Obrador, with “new rights” as the central agenda, the neoliberals could “loot at ease” and replace issues such as corruption and social and economic inequality from the public debate.

“All these causes are very noble, but the purpose was to create or promote these causes so that we would not repair or turn to see that they were looting the world and that the issue of economic and social inequality was left out of the center of the debate,” he added .

The president added that thanks to this new agenda “there was no talk of corruption” and issues such as oppression, classism and racism were left out of the media.

He stressed that the same international agencies that supported the neoliberal regime, which he described as “a model of pillage,” are the ones that financed and continue to finance environmental groups and human rights defenders.

In this regard, AMLO recalled that the United States government has not responded to Mexico for the money that the US embassy gives to environmental groups that oppose the construction of the Mayan Train, as well as to civil associations headed by the opposition Claudio X González.

Without denying the importance of causes such as feminism and environmentalism, the president stressed that “if we end corruption there will be equality and we will protect human rights” and the environment, and even violence will end.

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“If we end corruption we will achieve equality and if there is equality we will protect human rights and nature, and if corruption is ended we will end violence, but we must change the corrupt regime,” he said AMLO.

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