FBI declassifies first secret file of 9/11 investigation

United States.- Late on Saturday, September 11, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBIthe United States declassified a document that, to date, had been kept hidden about the investigations of the possible involvement of the Saudi Arabian government in the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks to the United States on September 11, 2021.

The declassification of the document comes after President Joe Biden gave the order to declassify some of the 9/11 files in the context of strong pressure exerted by the victims’ families.

The 16-page report exposes the communications that Islamic terrorists had with people of origin from Saudi Arabia who were in the United States at the time.

Despite this, it does not provide clear and conclusive evidence to confirm that Saudi citizens, by mandate of their government, have been complicit in the plan to attack the country that ended killing almost 3,000 people.

The Saudi government has for many years denied that it was involved in the September 11 attacks and, as a token of its innocence, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC has supported the declassification of the documents of the investigations it did at the time. at the FBI, in order to “put an end to the accusations spread against the Kingdom once and for all“.

The families of the victims celebrated the publication of the document, which has various parts of it censored, as they highlighted that it is a significant step in the effort to link the attacks with the Saudis.

“The findings and conclusions of this FBI investigation validate the arguments we have made in the litigation over the responsibility of the Saudi government in the 9/11 attacks“Kim Kreindler, a lawyer for the victims’ families, said in a statement.

US authorities have speculated about the official involvement of the Saudi Arabian government shortly after the attacks occurred, after it was revealed that 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudis. Furthermore, it is known that Osama bin Laden, the head of Al Qaeda at the time, belonged to a prominent family in that kingdom.

Despite the fact that at the time the FBI he proceeded to investigate some of the Saudi diplomats, as well as those who had a relationship with said government who knew the kidnappers after their arrival in the USA, the report did not find in 2004 “no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually finance “the massive aggressions organized by Al Qaeda.

However, he exposed that some of the charities linked to Saudi Arabia may have diverted money to the group.

The investigation on this line has focused on the first two kidnappers who arrived in the United States, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, and the support they would have received.

In February 2000, shortly after they arrived in Southern California, they ran into a Saudi national named Omar al-Bayoumi at a restaurant, who helped them find and rent an apartment in San Diego.

For their part, in an interview that the US investigative authorities did in 2015, they involved themselves in a man who was applying for US citizenship and who, years ago, had had constant contacts with Saudi citizens which, according to the investigators, they provided ” significant logistical support “to several of the hijackers. It is said that said subject worked at the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles.

In addition, allusion is made to Fahad al-Thumairy, who at the time was a diplomat accredited to the Saudi Arabian consulate in Los Angeles, which, according to the FBI; he led an extremist faction in his mosque.

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In addition to this, the secret report mentions that the communications analysis managed to identify a 7 minute phone call in 199 to the home phone of the Saudi Arabian family of two brothers who would later become prisoners in Bahia Guantánamo, Cuba.

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