Farmer kills two assailants after being shot twice in the leg

Argentina.- A agricultural producer has shocked Argentina on social networks, because on Friday, September 10, murdered two assailants who had shot him twice on one leg.

Is about 52-year-old Jorge Biasoli, who lives near Villa Mercedes, belonging to San Luis, Argentina, who, doubtful of the presence of three men on his property, approached them armed.

According to the information reported by El Diario de la República, Jorge Biasoli observed that three men entered a field of their property during the night of the aforementioned day, so he approached them to question their presence.

Once in front of them and the interrogation made, the subjects answered that they would go fishing in a nearby lake, however, that site was closed, so they apparently said it to confuse the agricultural producer.

After that, the subjects drew a revolver and announced that it was an assault, subsequently shot at one of Jorge’s legs, however, this action was carried out, apparently, not knowing that his victim was with a gun in his hand.

After being shot, Jorge Biasoli fired at the aggressor, causing his instant death, for his part, one of the two remaining assailants shot the farmer’s leg again, a fact that was responded to with a shot by the victim , causing the second death.

The third man involved in the assault fled the scene, however, he would later be captured by police and being the only survivor of the criminals he was charged with multiple crimes.

This criminal was identified as Javier Z., 48 years old, and the muggers killed by their victim They were identified as Gonzalo B., 28 years old, and Nelson L., 54 years old.

After this deadly encounter, Jorge Biasoli was hospitalized, as the shots went directly to his tibia and fibula.

Later, through an interview with a local radio station, the victim revealed that she was fine and that her family was fine as well.

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For his part, the control judge who will handle the case of the man attacked with bullets during an assault and who killed two of the three assailants, pointed out that Jorge Biasoli acted in self-defense and therefore has not yet determined to press charges. against him.

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