Faced with the threat launched by Alito, López Obrador gives support to Quirino

At this point … they don’t know Quirino. When the current state administration started, the objective was clear. Quirino Ordaz Coppel prepared himself from the campaign for what he would do as governor. His strategy from the very beginning of his government was “Anticipation.” As soon as he took office, the changes in the laws were made to make them the pillar of what was to come. He wasted no time. A month after protesting, he laid the first stone for the Regional Rehabilitation Hospital in Mazatlán. From that moment he already knew that the improvement of the health infrastructure in Sinaloa would have to happen. And that served so that, when the covid-19 appeared in Sinaloa, it had an advanced hospital infrastructure. It anticipated. There is no doubt. Decisions arrived in support of the Sinaloan countryside. Managed, managed and achieved the necessary benefits for farmers at key moments. And what to say in tourism. It began to transform Mazatlán to the point of making it one of the main tourist destinations in the country, with international recognition. The organization of the Tianguis Turístico in Mazatlán not only catapulted the Pearl of the Pacific, but all of Sinaloa. We have already realized that Ordaz Coppel has worked in governments of the PRI, PAN and now he is preparing to do so in Morena. But also politically, a year before becoming a candidate for governor, he served as a federal deputy for the Green Party. Like that or more clear.

The threats of the PRI. President López Obrador himself met the “threat” launched by the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, against Quirino Ordaz Coppel. Yesterday morning AMLO said that the leaders of the political parties how they can threaten the militants if they make a decision to help in the development of the country by representing Mexico abroad. If it was something wrong, it might even go as far as expulsion. But it is about helping the country, in this case we see that relations with Spain improve and we believe that Quirino Ordaz will help a lot. And he advanced what was already known, that other governors will be invited, other leaders who have done a good job. He stressed that the representation of Mexico abroad has nothing to do with parties. They represent the nation. Clearer, neither the water.

Morena is not in charge of Mazatlán … Much less the PAS. The chemist’s response to the “void” that the Sinaloan Party made to the call for a meeting at the Héctor restaurant, three days ago, arrived yesterday. He said that he “invited some councilors.” And that he will invite them later. He denied that they had made him “empty” by not responding to the invitation. And he concluded that here “Morena is not in charge… Much less the PAS. The people are in charge ”. He denied that the failed meeting with the next council members was to present Edgar González, current local deputy, as the one who will be the secretary of the City Council. “I introduced him as a friend.” A week ago, from this space, it was announced that the PAS and its leader, Melesio Cuen, claim the “quota” that corresponds to them for having been allies in the last campaign with the Chemist. And not only that, the PAS saved the current mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez, from being out of the electoral contest, since Morena had rejected him. In the logic of political alliances, both parties agree to give up space. It is a practice of always. And now the PAS is claiming its share. Will the Chemist refuse?


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