Eye! There is pest control in the Évora Region but there will be outbreaks if it does not rain

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- The pest control in the Évora Region, the rains have favored the presence of sprouts, but they call the producers to approach the Local Board of Plant Health of the Évora Valley before an outbreak.

The report of the State Plant Health Committee of the State of Sinaloa is that there is currently better pest control compared to last year. There are no problems, but vigilance is maintained against any outbreak that may occur.

Its president, Samuel López, explained that it does not hurt to accompany the technicians of the Local Plant Health Board to make a real assessment and apply a product at a given time in a timely manner, and see which product is going to apply that is friendly to the environment. “A producer should not self-prescribe,” said the official.

He made a call for advice before going to buy a product to combat pests, so that an assessment can be made in the crops of the technicians who know the problem, “that’s what the Health Board is for, to accompany and issue a appropriate recommendation ”.

Cesavesin promotes biological pest control through the JLSVVE. The use of biological insects is a technology that takes advantage of the natural enemies of pests with the idea of ​​reducing populations without affecting agricultural production. It is one hundred percent natural and does not negatively impact the environment, and protects public health.

Well-being technicians are monitoring the temporary zone to detect the presence of plague, informed the president of the Local Board of Plant Health of the Évora Valley, Carlos Beltrán Astorga. Part of the support they are given is insecticides for sorghum and sesame crops, “but fortunately the pest population has been low, controllable, because the rains have helped us lower the pest parameters. In the case of grasshoppers, it is out of date, because it is in an adult stage and it is not causing us problems.

He explained that the plague had problems with the cobweb worm, but the rains helped reduce the population.

If the rain does not continue in the region, there is a risk of the yellow aphid plague, “but it is being monitored,” replied Carlos Beltrán Astorga, president of the JLSVVE.

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Some producers in Mocorito expressed that if it does not rain in the next few weeks there will be pests. “If long periods of time go without water, sprouts appear,” explained leader Paciano Mojardín Heráldez.

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