Example of life! Ceni Angulo by Salvador Alvarado, the painter who defeated cancer

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Mamanchatte is how it is defined Ceni Angulo in the art world, who has been dedicating himself to the world of art for more than eight years painting, where he captures all his passion and gives color to his imagination.

Ceni Angulo is a native of the Gabriel Leyva Velázquez (La Escalera) community, Salvador Alvarado, but has lived for more than eight years in the city of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, where she discovered what it is today. The plastic artist she opens her heart to share her love of painting and her miracle of life in overcoming breast cancer.

When does the passion for painting arise?

Since I was little I was passionate about painting and making lines, that led me to study graphic design, but when I held my first professional exhibition it was in Los Cabos, about eight years ago, and I said: “I want to make a living from this, painting.” That’s when I realized it, I assimilated it and I said to myself: “I got on this train and this train is for me, here I want to die.” It can be stopped at some point in my life, as it happened to me a few years ago with a situation I experienced, but never go back. It’s my life to paint.

Why the focus on cats?

It was precisely in Los Cabos that I realized my love for cats, since they asked me for a free category exhibition and they told me “bring two.”

Without realizing it, I saw that they both had cats drawn, one was a woman nursing a cat (the woman had her gaze downcast and the kitten looking at her), and the other the kitten was playing the guitar and the hand became a thread and the kitten was playing with the thread), in that exhibition a lady told me: Do you know that that kitten has something special? Wow, these cats are doing something in my life, and literally, they were making Mamanchatte. Since I was a child I love cats.

In 2018, Ceni Angulo received the news that he suffered from cancer, a disease that he attributes to pressure, so much workload and low sales. “When the payments for the services of the house arrive, and if there is no cash, how do you do it? I did not have to overcome the diagnosis, since I think that unconsciously or consciously I asked for it, since I was under pressure, and I said to God: ‘here I am, I am at the service of this humanity, make me live new experiences’.

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Like psychologically she was prepared to live this. Even when they gave me the diagnosis, I was in shock, I waited for the psychologist, and at that moment I spoke with my illness and told her: ‘fear let you enter my body, but my love for me will make you leave.’ I didn’t even see cancer as a disease, it was just a life experience, a lesson, since I had a lot of people around, it was something nice ”.

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