Esperanza Martínez, a Mexican recognized among the best scientists in the world

Mexico.- The Doctor Hope Martinezspecialist in ecology and environmental sciences and who is currently a tenured researcher at the Center for Genomic Sciences of the UNAM in Cuernavaca, Morelos, was recognized as Laureate today in Paris as one of the best 15 scientists in the world. The Mexican researcher was part of this select group of top global talents by obtaining the L’Oréal UNESCO International Prize “For women in science”, together with fourteen outstanding scientists from different countries.

During the award ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the UNESCOthe extraordinary contribution of women in science was celebrated among a distinguished audience, including representatives of science, academia, opinion leaders, authorities of public institutions and organizations that promote gender equity and female empowerment.

Esperanza’s research work on plants and the advances that her work has represented in the field of study allowed the professor to receive the most relevant international award for women in science. This event is considered a key prior instance for those women with possibilities to access the Nobel Prize. In this way, Esperanza joins a group of elite researchers made up of six Mexican women who have been recognized as Laureates by UNESCO and the L’Oréal Foundation in past years.

Esperanza Martínez, a Mexican recognized among the best scientists in the world | Photo: Courtesy

“It is a pride to represent Mexico in such an important event for science and especially for women who are dedicated to research. It has been a pleasure to meet such outstanding scientists from all over the world, with whom I have exchanged experiences and above all I have learned from other fields. It is a great pleasure to have been part of the “For Women in Science” program, without a doubt it is an incentive for women to continue building a history in science” commented the Laureate, Esperanza Martínez.

Because the world needs science and science needs women, the L’Oréal UNESCO Prize for international laureates is awarded once a year to a representative from each region for an amount of 100,000 euros to support them in continuing their research work, while recognizing his talent and contributions to the progress of the world.

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In Mexico, L’Oréal organizes this initiative together with UNESCO, the Mexican Academy of Sciences and CONALMEX, and throughout its 16 years of existence in the country, this initiative has recognized and supported the research of 84 Mexican women scientists. In 2022, the year in which the leading group in the global and local beauty market celebrates its 60th Anniversary in Mexico, it will increase support for women in science by increasing the prize budget by 64% and will recognize three female scientists, in the category of Consolidated Trajectories.

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